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  • May 2024

    par Casey Samson mai 13, 2024 5 lire la lecture

    May certainly started with a flurry of activity. We were lucky enough to get a tour of the Conococheague Institute during the few extra days between the Fort Frederick Market Faire and the Mount Vernon Revolutionary War Weekend. It was a great reminder of the impact a small group of dedicated people can have, and we cannot wait to see where that passion takes them. Camping on George Washington’s front lawn never loses its power to inspire, and we plan on using that momentum to continue pushing to be the best we can. As we march on through the month of May, we look forward to many excitements that we have detailed in this Newsletter. From anniversaries of revolutionary acts, to holidays celebrated in modern day, there are many ways to connect the 18th Century to present times. "Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives". - James Madison.


    An Exciting Announcement...

    You may notice an article of great interest being shared on our Facebook page from a highly acclaimed, nationally published newspaper in the coming days. Samson Historical recently had the opportunity to sit down with reporters from The New York Times to share the journey of building our passion for living history to the business we are so proud of today.   We appreciate all the support and shared enthusiasm from the community of historians, reenactors, educators, and hobbyists who have helped deliver us to where we are today. Between the opening of our storefront, the expansion of our clothing lines to accommodate the Regency Era, and the many new faces added to our team, the past few years have seen more growth than we ever dreamed.   

    Samson Historical Lives in the Past by Embracing the Future - The New York Times (                                              


    New Month, New Arrival

    Turned needle cases have hit the shelves! Seamstresses rejoice, these small cases are bustling with character and will certainly assist you in keeping your tiniest tool in its proper place. At only $8, these charming a small investment in greater peace of mind.


    National Musical Instrument Day

    When you think of early instruments, what comes to mind? The sound of a drum as brave soldiers march to battle? Perhaps a jaw harp, simple in its design and one of the earliest instruments of the time? May 23rd is National “Buy A Musical Instrument Day”, and while we hope you choose to add both items to your collection, we also encourage you to invest in knowledge on this day! Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog about a personal favorite in our family, the violin.


    Celebrating Mother's Day

    April showers bring May flowers, and many of us are preparing to bring flowers to the women we call “mom”! As Mother’s Day approaches on May 12, we hope you all take time to reflect on the positive impacts the matrons of your life have provided. Motherhood does not come without sacrifices, and we thank all the mothers in this world for their love and leadership in bringing new life to the world. If the cycle of life interests you, we encourage you to read our upcoming blog post, “Birthing America”, which details the history of childbirth in early America and the many differences in medicine we have today


    Remembering the Fallen

    The birth of our country was a series of hard fought battles and keeping her safe has compounded the cost. While we celebrate the Revolution, we sometimes lose sight that the lives given up started there and the sacrifice continues to this day. Memorial Day carries a heavy significance as a reminder  of those souls. We will continue to observe Memorial Day as we have in the past, out of the office and without promotions or sales. To the family and friends of the fallen, your sacrifice is not unnoticed and while we celebrate the legacy, we honor those who gave it. 
    - thank you.


    This Month in History

    In the annals of colonial history, the Quartering Act of 1765 holds a significant place, and May 15th of this month marks its 259th anniversary. Enacted by the British Parliament, this legislation mandated that colonial assemblies provide British soldiers with housing and provisions, a move aimed at reducing the financial burden on the Crown in maintaining troops in the colonies. However, this Act also raised concerns among the colonists regarding their rights and liberties. They perceived it as an imposition of British authority and a violation of their privacy and property rights. The Act further fueled resentment towards British rule, laying the groundwork for future tensions. As we reflect on 259 years since its enactment, let us remember the Quartering Act of 1765 as a pivotal moment in the lead-up to the American Revolution. It serves as a reminder of the struggles faced by the colonists in their quest for independence and the enduring legacy of resistance against unjust laws.

    Another significant Act impacting the colonies was also passed in May – The Tea Act. Crafted by the British Parliament, this legislation aimed to alleviate the financial woes of the British East India Company by facilitating direct tea sales to the American colonies. However, the Act maintained the taxation on tea imports, a move that triggered discontent among the colonists, who viewed it as unjust as they were without representation. The culmination of this tension was the iconic Boston Tea Party, where colonists protested by dumping British tea into the harbor. Beyond this act of defiance lay a deeper significance. The Tea Act fueled the flames of revolution, galvanizing the colonists in their pursuit of liberty and self-determination. It became a catalyst for the American Revolutionary War, shaping the course of history. As we mark 251 years since its passage, let us reflect on the enduring legacy of the Tea Act of 1773, a chapter in history that resonates with the spirit of resistance and the quest for freedom.


    Upcoming Events and Travels

    Old Fort Niagara

    July 27th - 28th

    We look forward to spending May through June researching and restocking the items that seem to jump off the shelves while we are on the road before our next event in July, Old Fort Niagara. Located at Fort Niagara State Park in New York, we greatly enjoy traveling to this site for living history encampments and battle reenactments. We encourage you to mark your calendars and join us at Fort Niagara if you are able!

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    April 2024
    April 2024

    par Casey Samson avril 12, 2024 5 lire la lecture 3 Commentaires

    Spring is in the air and new beginnings on the breeze. For our family, April means the fresh air and the first outdoor events of the year. It also means this is the time we complete repairs and any redesigning of the tent in anticipation of visiting with you in person. Though now you can also shop with us in person at our new storefront in Lebanon, Indiana.
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    March 2024
    March 2024

    par Casey Samson mars 01, 2024 4 lire la lecture 2 Commentaires

    March is an exciting time each year here at Samson Historical. For us, it means the catalog has gone to the printers and will soon be in the mail to all of you. It also means that we are chomping at the bit to get out and stretch some canvas. Though we are still a little while out for that, we do have the Kalamazoo Living History show to give us that first taste of a market fair.
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    February 2024
    Février 2024

    par Casey Samson février 09, 2024 5 lire la lecture 5 Commentaires

    Février est gracieusement arrivé, ouvrant la voie à une vague d'enthousiasme et de nouvelles entreprises prometteuses tant pour l'équipe dévouée de Samson Historical que pour les passionnés d'histoire ! Ce mois illustre revêt une signification particulière dans nos cœurs, car il marque la naissance du estimé père fondateur, George Washington. Alors que nous entamons un nouveau mois de voyage, nous travaillons avec diligence pour terminer les rénovations de la nouvelle vitrine de Samson Historical, nichée au cœur du centre-ville de Lebanon, IN.
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